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Sample artwork using Topaz Impression as part of a review of the Topaz Photography Collection

Topaz Labs plug-ins are among the hottest Photoshop add-ons and best overall deal right now, for the following reasons: 64-bit-compatible, low prices, unique and useful effects and very active participation by the developers in the user community. The developers are constantly updating and improving the products, and upgrades are FREE for existing customers!


You can save a large amount of money by opting for the Topaz Photography Collection at $499.99 (minus an additional 15% off using the coupon code “plugsnpixels”!), rather than buying these 17 plug-ins/apps individually. This is THE BEST PLUG-IN DEAL in the industry, considering the wide range of image effects and enhancements they make possible.


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Here’s a summary of what’s included in the Collection:


Topaz Texture Effects comes with over 130 expertly crafted effects and an extensive library of textures, light leaks & more to help jumpstart your creativity. Just pick an effect and make adjustments to tailor your images to your tastes.


Topaz Glow

Electrify your photos with brilliant effects! Glow contains more than 70 unconventional and quirky filters. With Glow you can alter your images using neon, graphic, liquid and other electrifying effects.


Topaz Clarity

Spend more time shooting and less time post-processing by applying one of over 100 presets. These one-click effects were specially developed and fine-tuned for specific types of photos. Instantly add extra depth to your architecture images, wedding photos and everything in between.


Topaz B&W Effects takes you beyond traditional black and white conversion methods by integrating unique features like a 5-in-1 selective adjustment brush, adaptive exposure, quad toning, historical processing collections, creative effects and more.


Topaz Adjust is the easiest way to make your photos pop. Perhaps the most popular plug-in in the industry right now, Adjust optimizes image exposure, color, and detail strength for stunning image results. Quality exposure adjustment in Photoshop is cumbersome and sometimes frustrating. Adjust makes this process simple, fun, and highly rewarding. Other developers charge up to and over $595 for this type of plug-in, and they offer far less functionality!


Topaz ReMask is the fastest way to mask and extract your images. ReMask harnesses the latest in image extraction technology to make masking intuitive and powerful. Unlike Photoshop's sometimes clumsy and hard to use extraction tools, ReMask makes photo extraction and masking easy and sizzling fast.


Topaz Detail gives full control and precision over all aspects of detail manipulation without creating any edge artifacts or halos. Unlike Photoshop's detail enhancement techniques, Detail effectively accentuates three levels of detail without the slightest trace of artifacts or haloing.


Topaz Simplify provides creative simplification, art effects, and line accentuation for easy one-of-a-kind art. In contrast to built-in artistic filters in Photoshop, which are limited to certain specific effects, Simplify creates a wide range of stunning artistic effects in a simple, intuitive, but powerful interface.


Topaz DeNoise offers a complete noise reduction solution that removes far more noise and preserves far more detail than other solutions. Noise reduction is one of our core competencies, and DeNoise displays that brilliantly. Use state-of-the-art noise reduction abilities to make your formerly noisy photos clean, clear, and crisp.


Topaz Clean provides unique smoothing and edge stylizing capabilities not found anywhere else. It can quickly add interesting flair to photos and can be used to both smooth out detail and stylize edges. Use Clean for exceptional results on portraits, weddings, and other people photos.


Topaz DeJPEG drastically improves the quality of web images and other compressed photos. Although Photoshop includes a simple JPEG fixer, it doesn't preserve as much quality as possible. DeJPEG makes sure that any compressed image looks as good as it possibly can.


Topaz InFocus is the comprehensive solution for your sharpening and deblurring needs. Infocus recovers lost detail, refines with micro-contrast enhancement and restores clarity to blurry images. Unlike unsharp masking, InFocus sharpens without distracting high-contrast edges.


Topaz Lens Effects simulates realistic lens, filter and specialty camera effects.


Topaz Star Effects creates unique star and lighting effects by manipulating and enhancing the appearance of various light sources found within your image. With a variety of fully-customizable effect options for modifying light sources, you can easily add a creative or dramatic flare to lights or reflective surfaces to focus more attention on those point.


Topaz photoFXlab

With instant access to all of the Topaz plug-ins, photoFXlab easily connects you to all of your Topaz effects in a searchable library. Featuring a layered workflow with masking capabilities, selective enhancement brushes with edge-aware technology and a fun new way to InstaTone your images, photoFXlab is the most efficient way to experience Topaz.


Topaz Impression

Capture the essence of your photos without being constrained by rigid detail. Topaz Impression helps you turn photos into paintings like a true artist would: by intelligently applying real brushstrokes to canvas.


Topaz ReStyle

ReStyle's proprietary technology learns from real photos to create sublime effects unavailable anywhere else. Immediately get hundreds of professional-quality results that would otherwise take you hours in Photoshop.

Below are actual user comments (gathered from various online photography forum postings and comments) so you can get an idea of how Topaz products are shaking up the plug-ins market:


"I bought the bundle a couple of years ago and love getting all the free upgrades. But, I'd be willing to pay occasionally... The plugins are tremendously useful, interesting and friendly. A great value, made even greater by the upgrade policy."


"I love it when something this creative is a Free upgrade to something that was already way cool! I will tell everyone I know to check them out, and go ahead and buy their products. This is the kind of stuff that gets new customers. (I hope Adobe is paying attention.)"


"I have all of the Topaz Labs plug-ins, I so-o-o love them. Adjust 5 will be through the roof! I’m really looking forward to getting, and using it."


"I just purchased Topaz Adjust 2 months ago and absolutely fell in love with it, then when Topaz B&W was released I purchased that immediately, without hesitation. ...Sounds like the updates to Adjust 5 are exactly what everyone was looking for."


"I LOVE my Adjust... I’m doing things with Adjust 4 that I had only dreamed about until I discovered and started using it. I’m going to stick my neck out here but I am guessing that most of you are doing the same. I for one would buy Topaz 5 and pay full price for it if I had to even though I bought 4 not long ago. The value added to my images is incredible and my clients are loving what I am doing with it."


"I absolutely love Topaz software. The team at Topaz does a great job of listening and introducing software capabilities that are always top notch and make you realize how much you needed a particular effect all along. These are Professional tools that up your game and make your toolkit better. I believe the upgrade and purchase prices are very reasonable, worth every penny, and certainly beat the “bloatware” that certain companies at the so-called top hold you hostage to purchase without giving you much for your hard-earned dollar."


"I have benefited greatly from using Topaz Products. Many friends of mine have commented positively my photo prints and am certainly looking forward to add Adjust 5 in my list."


"Most people relate Adjust 5 software to adding some interest in texture or a grunge to portraits but its sharpening capabilities are the best in the industry. ...The vibrant collection presets including Clarity and Detail can enhance all kinds of portraits and the control the 'right side' panel adjustments gives the user surpass the capabilities of LucisArt products a thousand fold. I mention LucisArt because IMHO it is the program most people amateur and professional alike compare Topaz Labs to the most. ...the 'Crisp', 'Detail' - 'Strong and Detail Strong II' are very practical - so many uses for these effects makes LucisArt look like crayons. Something many might not know is Topaz Labs Adjust is amazing for sharpening and adding contrast to jpeg files and also is a very valuable tool for those who do copy and restoration of existing photography and old vintage photography. Adjust 5 is a great upgrade..."


" favorite Topaz Plugin, Adjust, just got better. Keep up the good work"


"I'm trying a free trial of topaz - geez, it's addicting! I have a feeling before long, it may become a 'buy me.'"


"I have had nothing but excellent support from Topaz. Queries answered swiftly, friendly staff...the whole Topaz experience has been fantastic."


"Topaz has some awesome products. I remember when they first started out. The latest one for b/w is so worth the money. They had a fantastic sale on it recently which I think was just about half price. Even if you pay full price for it, it is worth it and in my opinion, better than Nik's b/w."


"I received the Topaz bundle for Christmas and just got around to installing it this week. (I know I've been busy, but now I could kick myself!) These plug-ins rock! I can't believe how much fun they are and how great the images turn out - and they're easy and intuitive to use. These really are great products!"


"Topaz is my favorite suite of plug-ins. I would be lost without ReMask and DeNoise. The improvement iterations and additions to the suite have been amazing."


"I, too, tried all of the other software that is available a while back ... Topaz Labs, LucisArt, and Nik Software. I like what all the packages have to offer and I have many, many friends from all the various "Camps" (aka, Topaz, Lucis, and Nik) and they try to convert me over to the others numerous times throughout the year. I have to say that while Lucis and Nik do offer some nice features and turn out some nice images, I have chosen to stick with Topaz Labs only because in my opinion they just cannot be beat. Hands down. Customer Service and Product Quality are just OFF THE CHARTS good."


"InFocus produces similar results [as FocusMagic] with much more control and visual feedback in the process."


"Wow! No doubt we'll all be using this one [InFocus] to go back through our libraries to salvage those out of focus rejects."


"Simple and effective, I've used [InFocus] in Photoshop CS5 and Lightroom 3.3 RC. It works flawlessly and noise that can't be managed in the plug-in itself can be manged with Denoise in Lightroom or surface blur in Photoshop."


"[InFocus is] quite astonishing. It's better than anything I've ever seen at recovering detail from less-than-critically-sharp images. I have used Focus magic for years, but this blows it away. At $29.99 you can't afford not to buy it, seriously :-)"


"...the crew at Topaz seem to keep making all of their plugins better - Kind of refreshing, they don't charge an arm and a leg like Adobe and keep making continuous improvements without charging for most of the updates. Nice!"


"I really enjoy the Topaz line and the entire suite has been well worth the money. It is an added bonus that the updates are free!"


"I’ve been using the Topaz bundle for almost a year now. Remask 2 totally rocks."


"I have to say, I’ve never been so blown away with the one, two, three simple results of Topaz."


"These are great plugins, DeNoise and DeJPEG are especially amazing when used to clean up old family photographs that I have scanned or on vintage, low resolution family jpgs. Adjust of course stands out by itself. All of the rest have been very useful, very flexible too..."


"I [have] been using Topaz products since early 2008. With the exception of sometimes haveing to redownload a product, I have nothing but praise for their products and have recommended them to friends."


"...I got Adjust as a 'poor man's' alternative to LucisArt, which it does a fine job of emulating, whereas PS does not even come close..."


"As for Topaz Denoise, I agree with everyone that it's the ultimate NR app out there now - at least as good as Nik Dfine. ...for ISO 1600 or 3200 images shot at dusk, nothing beats Topaz."


"Topaz detail is my favorite of the bunch. the control you get over sharpening is amazing, and there truly no artifacts produced!"


"This is a really wonderful set of plug-ins... Well worth the money. I highly recommend it."


"I bought the Topaz bundle months ago and it has since become an indispensable productivity tool. I use it interchangeably in Photoshop and Aperture and it’s a huge time saver which also makes a signature style a real breeze. Remask 2 is a great improvement over the original product and the Topaz upgrade policies are the best I’ve found anywhere. Highly recommended!"


"I have been using the various Topaz bundle software products for quite sometime now... I have found this software extremely easy to use and with fantastic results. ...Topaz Labs put out in my opinion if not the best surely one of the best plug in softwares available today and a great price."


"Topaz is a hidden jewel among photography software! "


"I would like to say that I have been with Topaz for almost 3 years now. They have products that are user friendly and easy to use. Not to mention that they are very cost effective. I have received numerous upgrades as the products were improved. I have had the necessity to contact customer service on two occasions and both times they were extremely helpful and gracious. I have recommended this product to literally a dozen photographers that I know and all have purchased some of their products and all have been happy with their service. ...Name a company that continues to increase its offerings, with the regularity that they do and at the cost that they keep selling them at. How many programs can you get for $29.00???? I am very pleased to be a customer and will continue to be as long as they don't move from what has been allowing them to continue to grow, ingenuity, good products, good customer service and upgrades to help evolve the product."


"I think these are the most fun plug-ins I’ve ever played with..."


"It’s amazing what Adjust can do when used with subtlety, you can make photos pop without them looking over processed. The other plugins are clearly powerful as well..."


"Excellent tools for extension of creative expression, top shelf noise removal and extraction software!"


"I have tried for years to achieve a 'certain' look and feel with some of my photographs, and it was difficult to impossible, until I found Adjust..."


"I'm sure DeNoise 3 will take noise reduction to a new level. I have so much confidence in Topaz that as soon as DeNoise3 is available I will certainly buy it... I have now gotten to the point where products from Topaz are the only ones I just buy without even doing the 'try out version' first. I don't think I would do that with any other publisher. I even purchased Clean 2, even though I really didn't think I [would] use it that much and now I LOVE it. I've never been quite so enthused about a product like this. Maybe it's the price/functionality or the feedback and info I get from this group, but... (Topaz products) has given me a new found enjoyment and creativity in my work."


" rapidly becoming my favorite software company."


"I'm really digging the Topaz Adjust plug-in. I downloaded the trial today, and it's a sure thing I'm going to buy it. I've played with art filters before, but none with the variety and power of TA. It works particularly well for scapes and architecture."


"A very interesting little plug-in... The results are very similar to LucisArt but with a better interface."


"I simply love Topaz plug-ins. Great software to a good price and good service from them. I have to say that I use Adjust in more than 98% of my pics."


"I've just purchased the Denoise plugin. By far, it’s the best I’ve tried."


"I LOVE Topaz so much that I could NOT edit without it."


"denoise is best of the pack at this moment. best denoise tool you can get, it can be a bit slow at times but it preserves most detail..."


"I found so far that Topaz Adjust is very useful for overall tone mapping, where it can bring up a flat or contrasty photo and make sense out of the tones it finds. It can spark up a flat image, or pull out detail from a dark or contrasty image. That alone makes it worthwhile."


"I really enjoy the Topaz filters. Yeah you can go overboard but sometimes the contrast you can add to a picture is amazing. I have made average pictures stand out because of Topaz."


"I actually started playing with the Topaz suite several weeks ago. I got Adjust and several other plugins (Simplify, Clean, DeNoise) and I’ve experimented a bit. Amazing little suite for the price. I’d checked out LucisArt, but I found that I agreed with another reviewer regarding Topaz. 95% of the way there with the suite compared to Lucis at a fraction of the cost. Works for me so far!"


"Adjust can do much more than high contrast, low saturation, over sharpened look effects. There is an entire range of treatments from soft to hard sharpening, low to hyper saturation, and contrasts that run the gamut as well. Plus, you can adjust every aspect of the effect to get the look you want. I use Topaz Adjust/Simplify/DeNoise in conjunction with Nik plug-ins to get the look I want, to the point that some folks think I do HDR, when I don’t at all."


"I purchased all of their plug-ins a while ago. Denoise was recently updated is definitely faster than the older version... Bang for the buck, they are absolutely fantastic. They all work in CS4 64-bit which is great (and faster)."


"I think I paid $99 for Lucis Art many years ago way I would pay $600 for it today. You can get very close looking results using Topaz Adjust."


"I am very new to Topaz, but I am really enjoying the dynamics that it adds to photos..."


"I know you will love this program each and everytime you use it. I purchased it the first time I used it. I knew I had to have it. Since then, I ordered their Topaz Clean and that is a neat product to have too."


"lol it is for sure an addiction! I feel like I haven't finished editing a photo unless it has a little topaz :D"


"I've been evaluating a few denoiser apps, and I believe Topaz has the best product."

Sample artwork using Topaz Adjust as part of a review of the Topaz Photography Collection
Sample artwork using Topaz Impression as part of a review of the Topaz Photography Collection
Sample artwork using Topaz Glow as part of a review of the Topaz Photography Collection
Sample artwork using Topaz Glow as part of a review of the Topaz Photography Collection
Sample artwork using Topaz Texture Effects as part of a review of the Topaz Photography Collection
Sample artwork using Topaz Impression as part of a review of the Topaz Photography Collection
Sample artwork using Topaz Impression as part of a review of the Topaz Photography Collection
Sample artwork using Topaz Star Effects as part of a review of the Topaz Photography Collection