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Above and below: Original plus treated image, with detail at bottom. Topaz Simplify allows you to once again enjoy the simplification of your photos.
Turn any regular photo into a masterpiece of art with the sophisticated Topaz Simplify 4 plug-in Photoshop. Blur the distinction between photographic realism and art to give your viewers something truly unique to look at. Topaz Simplified photo pieces are the beautiful result of the marriage between the precision of a digital photographer and the vision of a master.

Digital artists have lamented the loss of the buZZ line of plug-ins from fo2PIX, which went out of business a few years ago. But Simplify not only reproduces the buZZ effects, it offers a much more flexible and adjustable interface for additional control.

Combining a great photo with great postprocessing can result in a unique piece of photographic art fit to hang on any wall.

Simplify opens up new possibilities for any photographer. Easily create a new revenue stream by offering an immediate new line of "artistic" photo options that pays for itself in a single session. Spend just a few extra seconds of post processing to get that perfect blend of photo and art that will positively astonish your customers and viewers.

Simplify also has more useful applications than it may let on. In addition to just straight-up photo to art conversion, it can also serve to spice up backgrounds, create underpaintings for digital art conversions, and add a subtle and natural pop to photos.

The fully-featured Presets architecture makes it easy to take full advantage of the creative power that Simplify puts in your hands.

Applying a preset to your image is as simple as clicking the preview. The extensive collection of included presets range from mild adjustments to deep enhancements, all of which can serve to jump-start any photo enhancement.

In addition to the included default presets, Simplify also provides the option to save your own individual presets and share them with your friends. Online Topaz communities also pass around widely-used custom presets.

Detail Simplified

Topaz Simplify uses a proprietary Topaz Labs image processing engine based on multi-level topological decomposition. Simply put, "topological decomposition" enables Topaz Simplify to choose exactly what size of image features to keep and which ones to throw away, all while retaining the original photo's integrity.

When applied to photos, this has a great effect: you retain the spirit of your original photo while determining exactly which features you want to keep, and in what style. Instead of having to select between a few cookie cutter effects, this technology allows you to tailor an original effect, customize it for your photo, and make it completely your own.

Simplify 4 Features

•Over 100 new presets for instant artistic transformations
•Preset organization for quick and easy application of the right preset
•New adjustment sliders to add depth and localized contrast
•Intuitive edge-aware selective brush used to dodge, burn, smooth and brush out effects
•Integration of the "Apply" button, offering the ability to stack presets and settings, creating stronger and personalized effects
•Addition of the new histogram and curve tools
•Finishing Touches Tab with tools to add vignettes, tone and transparency
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