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Above: Enlarge 2X Double Image Resolution.
Below: Sharpen settings pushed to create unique artistic effects
Topaz Vivacity is an advanced Photoshop plug-in suite that uses the latest in wavelet-based image enhancement technology. It is jam-packed with the best image enhancement tools on the market and is an integral part of any image enhancement workflow.

The best noise removal solution, period
Don't lose the detail when you lose the noise. Recent developments allow for superior detail preservation in Topaz Vivacity's proprietary noise removal algorithms.

Many noise removal techniques remove image information as well as noise. One thing that differentiates Topaz Vivacity from many of its competitors is its strong emphasis on detail preservation in its noise removal techniques. Topaz Vivacity specializes in killing noise while protecting important details. So, sure, you can get rid of noise with any solution... but you can only get the best results with one.

Accomplish high-quality enlargement
Image resizing without loss of quality or detail. Use Topaz Vivacity to blow up the size of any image without destroying details along the way.

Whether you want to enlarge a photo for printing or increase the resolution of a low-quality stock, Topaz Vivacity's enlarge filter will exceed your expectations. The resulting quality is much better than standard bicubic interpolation used in leading pixel-wrangling applications like Photoshop. Edges stay intact and details stay sharp.

Repair JPEG artifact damage
Removing JPEG compression artifacts has never been easier. A new and improved technique gets rid of JPEG noise while preserving image clarity.

JPEG compression artifacts can severely damage the quality and detail of the original image. Topaz Vivacity includes a proprietary JPEG artifact removal tool that quickly and effectively recovers edges, takes out checkerboarding, and removes mosquito noise.

Intelligently sharpen and reconstruct edges
Bring out every little detail in your image. Topaz Vivacity cleanly sharpens edges without aliasing, edge ringing, or noise amplification.

Native sharpening solutions such as Photoshop SS or USM often affect undesired parts of the image like noise and unwanted artifacts that get through the threshold, and may also create horizontal and vertical aliasing and edge ringing (or halos). Get rid of all of that by using high-quality Topaz Vivacity sharpening techniques.

Create interesting effects
Many people purchase Topaz Vivacity just for the effects. Take a glimpse at what's possible with the innovative algorithms used in this plug-in suite in the screenshot above and examples at right.
These effects are unique to Topaz Vivacity, and simply cannot be created using Photoshop alone.

Many people buy into the myth that plug-ins only do things that, given enough time and energy, can be manually done using native Photoshop. Admittedly, this is true for some plug-ins. Topaz Vivacity filters, however, do not operate using Photoshop functions at all. Topaz filters use a unique lib file containing proprietary algorithms, which is why the results you get are many times better than what you could ever get by using native Photoshop filters.

List of filters:

Topaz Enlarge2X: Enhance image resolution with rich details and clarity
Topaz Denoise: Very effective noise reduction filter based on a new wavelet algorithm
Topaz Clean: Noise reduction filter based on detail preservation. Synergistic w/ Denoise
Topaz Clean(YCbCr): Topaz Clean in the YCbCr color space instead of RGB
Topaz DeJPEG: Optimally cleans JPEG checkerboarding and other compression artifacts
Topaz Sharpen: Sharpens and enhances edges without ringing or noise amplification

Topaz Vivacity is compatible with Adobe Photoshop CS and above, and other software that support Photoshop plug-ins.

Other features include:
•8-bit and 16-bit support
•RGB and Grayscale modes. Images in other color spaces can be processed channel-by-channel
•Photoshop scripting and actions. Use any Topaz Vivacity filters to batch process a lot of images or create your own actions to automate the task
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