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Digital Heavens has come up with a collection of 10 Photoshop actions called "Smooth Skins" that make glamour retouching incredibly easy. The collection is broken into two sets, one for Photoshop CS2 users and the other for CS3 and above (which supports Smart filters).

If you're doing portrait photography you've surely run into the problem of models with less-than-perfect skin, with either freckles or blemishes or both. It's well known that models on magazine covers and in print advertisements have been heavily retouched for this very reason. But how can you do this type of work on your own photos yourself, inexpensively and, most importantly, easily – without spending months studying retouching books and training courses?

Let's take a look at what these new Smooth Skins actions are all about and what you can do with them. A folder of video tutorials is also included, accessed through a web browser interface and run from your local hard drive.

Created for all photographers from professionals to home users, Smooth Skins does the image prep work for you, beginning by separating both 8- and 16-bit files into high and low pass layers (the high layer is texture only and the low layer is luminosity) in a non-destructive editing formula that gives you ultimate control over the results.

Once the image is prepped, you can choose from among the following individual Smooth Skins actions as needed:

Basic Smoothing (a very fast action that can be used on any image and any skill level); Advanced Smoothing (you have full control of the settings used); Standard Smoothing (a quick action for creating a standard smoothing look. This action also creates a basic layer mask for editing); Natural Smoothing (creates the smoothness by having two passes for a more natural look); Surreal Smoothing (creates a porcelain doll look to the skin); Head Shot (an action just for head shots); Ultimate Smoothing (create a smoothing action that preserves the details of pores and hairs); Full Ultimate Smoothing (the same as the Ultimate action but you have control over how much blur to apply to the skin); and Glamour Soft (recreates that popular “glamour” look; best used in combination with one of the smooth skin actions).

As you run each action, instructions appear that describe the process currently taking place and what interaction is needed of you. You perform your edits on the separation layer set ("high layer"), painting over the skin area to reveal a treated version of the portrait underneath.

In order to be non-destructive to your original images, Smooth Skins creates snapshots at both the beginning and end of the process. For maximum creative flexibility, Smooth Skins creates layer sets in folders so you can drag these around in the stacking order for multiple levels of processing.

It took me only a few minutes to improve my portrait as shown above. I was able to reveal the softening exactly where it was needed by brushing on the automatically generated mask while avoiding smoothing hair, eyes, lips, clothes and jewelry (where smoothing is not desirable).

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