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MediaLab SiteGrinder 3.5 is the ultimate web development platform. You don't need to know or use any application besides Photoshop to create and post a cutting edge website.

SiteGrinder benefits:

Save Thousands of Dollars
Never again will you have to hire a web engineer to slice, code, and build a custom website. Creating a website is easy with SiteGrinder 3. You pay only once and build as many custom websites as you like.

You are in Control
With Photoshop and SiteGrinder 3 you have complete control over the design, development, deployment and management of your website. SiteGrinder 3 is the most comprehensive and easiest to use development tool on the market today.

No More Slicing
SiteGrinder 3 liberates you from having to learn to be a web engineer and allows you remain an incredible Photoshop designer. SiteGrinder 3 effortlessly slices and converts your web design from Photoshop to HTML/XHTML/CSS.

Launch a web Business
With just your Photoshop skills you can launch your new business designing, building and deploying professional standards compliant websites with SiteGrinder 3.If you already own a website design business, you can reduce production time.

No Limitations
SiteGrinder 3 doesn't restrict you to rigid template layouts, page organization, or require you to know even the basics of HTML and CSS. Whatever you design, SiteGrinder 3 can convert your Photoshop web designs, without limitation, into fully functioning websites.

Fast, Easy and Fun
SiteGrinder 3 makes website creation fast, easy, and fun. Anyone with basic Photoshop skills can create a website in Photoshop. Watch a video, read a tutorial or view a webinar to start converting Photoshop web designs.

Integrated eCommerce
The Commerce Add-on integrates PayPal standard and FoxyCart with SiteGrinder 3. PayPal Gives you Shopping Cart basics. For power users, FoxyCart has many features including integration with Quickbooks giving you full control of the Web sales process.

Remote Content Management
With the Control Add On SiteGrinder 3 can now remotely manage your Website from any Web browser. Once you have designed and deployed your website you can easily add pages, galleries, modify content or your design without returning to Photoshop.

Try It For FREE!
You may be thinking: "SiteGrinder sounds too good to be true." That's why you can download a demo and put it through its paces for as long as you like. Thousands of people just like you rely on SiteGrinder 3 to create stunning, professional websites. Get your copy of SiteGrinder 3 today!

New in SiteGrinder 3.5

SiteGrinder 3.5 continues its tradition of staying on the cutting edge by adding support for the most modern web standard, HTML5. SiteGrinder users can now take advantage of features offered by the latest browsers, including those on Apple iOS devices and other tablet and smart phones. SiteGrinder 3.5 also continues its support for earlier web standards for those users who desire maximum backward compatibility.

CSS3 Galleries
SiteGrinder 3.5 now supports amazing gallery effects derived from “CSS3”, the latest web standard for styling pages. These effects are dramatic both because they include compelling 3D and other animations, and because browsers that support them, including Safari on MacOS X and iOS devices, can use hardware acceleration to provide smooth, video-game style performance. The CSS3 gallery effects gracefully fall back to a crossfade effect for older browsers.

Attach Elements to The Browser Window
SiteGrinder 3.5’s new “fixed” hint will attach an area of content to the browser window rather than to the contents of the page. This means that if the user scrolls the rest of the page content in the browser window, the “fixed” content won’t move. It will stay visible at all times. This popular technique is commonly used to indicate sales specials or to prompt site visitors to sign up for email notifications.

Simplified Headers and Footers
SiteGrinder has always supported extremely flexible and powerful header and footer areas. Version 3.5 adds new techniques allowing users new ways to create some of the most common header and footer layouts, including new hints for specifying repeating header background decorations. For footers there is a new “follow” hint that intelligently positions one area of content at the bottom of another area of content, even if that area changes in size. Overall header and footer areas in SiteGrinder 3.5 are both more powerful and easier to use!

Google Font Support
One of the longstanding problems with web design is the limited number of fonts guaranteed to be available to a site visitor’s browser. Google fonts provide a solution to this by allowing the designer to use special fonts which can be automatically downloaded to a site visitor’s browser when they are loading a page. Normally adding Google fonts to a page requires special web code to be added to the page’s HTML, but SiteGrinder 3.5 makes that unnecessary. Designers can simply install any of Google’s public domain fonts on your machine, use them in their Photoshop documents, and SiteGrinder 3.5 magically handles the rest.

Improved Uploading
While “ftp” is the most common way of uploading files to a web server, it is an old standard and support for it varies wildly among servers. SiteGrinder 3 has always supported ftp, but SiteGrider 3.5 introduces support for the superior WebDAV standard. WebDAV uploads are more reliable. Not all servers support WebDAV, but for those that at least support PHP4 SiteGrinder can actually install WebDAV in a site folder to allow for WebDAV uploading. Additionally SiteGrinder 3.5 uploads more efficiently, reducing the number of files to upload whenever possible.

Create Powerful Animated Accordions Using Only Hints
“Accordions” have become an extremely popular technique for browsing multiple sections of content using the same page real-estate. By selecting accordion “tabs” site visitors hide and reveal different content within a specified rectangle. Traditionally accordions require custom programming and special hand-created page mark-up. With SiteGrinder 3.5’s new “accordion” and “tab” hints, web page designers can set up complex animated accordions without writing a single line of code.

Custom CSS classes enables simpler integration
SiteGrinder provides an astonishing array of functionality, but some expert customers still wish to use 3rd party libraries (such as jquery or MooTools) to add certain features to SiteGrinder pages. SiteGrinder 3.5 makes this process easier by allowing users to specify a custom class name to be applied to any Photoshop layer using the “class” hint.

Image Buttons For Forms
Normally the “submit” button for a web form is difficult to customize because each browser draws them a bit differently. As a result, designers who want total control over the look of a form have opted to substitute the browser-drawn version with an image button. SiteGrinder 3 already allowed easy creation and styling of web forms, but did not provide the ability to use a SiteGrinder image button created from Photoshop layers as a form’s “submit” button. SiteGrinder 3.5 now makes the process of using elegant image buttons for forms simple and automatic.

More Powerful Hover And Click Behaviors
SiteGrinder 3 has always supported the most common hover and click functionality, including animation, using the simple, but powerful, “hover”, “click”, and “hovershow” hints. SiteGrinder 3.5 introduces the “clickstay” hint, which enables the creation of “paper doll” style functionality with absolutely no programming required. Simply naming layers SiteGrinder users can create app-like page areas that allow site visitors to select from multiple options, for example selecting a shirt color with one set of buttons and a shirt emblem with a different set of buttons. SiteGrinder 3.5 also introduces the “close-button” hint that allows easy creation of window-like sections of content. One button can trigger a set of layers to appear, and the close button will allow the site visitor to hide all of those layers at once.

Smooth Scrolling to Targeted Page Areas
SiteGrinder 3.5 now enables designers to easily create links from one part of a page to another part of the same page. Clicking these links smoothly scrolls the browser contents to reveal a different part of the page. Press on one of the menu items at the top of the page to see it in action!