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The Photoshop Channels Book By Scott Kelby

Price: US $31.99 | Can $49.99 | UK £28.99
February 2006 | 1st edition | 274 pages | Softcover
ISBN: 0-321-26906-3

One big advantage Photoshop professionals have always had is their understanding of channels. It is their secret weapon, and it enables them to do things and work in an entirely different way than their competitors, and maybe that's why the secret power of Photoshop's channels has been such a closely guarded secret. Until now.

Award-winning, bestselling author Scott Kelby (Editor of Photoshop User magazine) shows you how to unlock the power of Photoshop's channels and really start using Photoshop like a pro. But this isn't just a book of theory and technical jargon, this is a step-by-step project-based book that will teach you exactly how to start using channels in your everyday work.

You'll learn to use channels to:

* Make your images go from flat to fantastic in just seconds
* Make impossible selections and intricate masks
* Speed your production workflow starting today!
* Create gallery quality, black-and-white images
* Repair damaged, noisy, and problem images
* Add more and better sharpening without adding noise
* Create special effects that can only be created using channels
* Plus dozens of inside tricks that will give you a real competitive advantage

There's a reason there has always been a mystique to using channels, and why Photoshop users who understand and use them stay on the cutting edge. Now, their secrets are revealed using the same plain-English style that has made Scott one of the leading Photoshop authors and instructors in the world today.

If you're ready to take your Photoshop skills to the next level, you're holding the book that will take you there, and you're gonna love it!

About the Author
Scott Kelby is President of the National Association of Photoshop Professionals (NAPP) and Editor-in-Chief of both Photoshop User and Layers magazines. Scott serves as training director for the Adobe Photoshop Seminar Tour and is the technical chair of the largest Photoshop gathering in the industry, Photoshop World. He has written numerous best-selling creative technology books.