COMPANY: Sid Vasandani Photography | URL: (See links below) | TYPE: Actions | PLATFORM: Mac, Windows | PRICE: $69.99
Sid Vasandani Photography introduces "Pro Photoshop Actions", a collection of well-refined Photoshop techniques that allow you to combine the power of Photoshop and photography for high quality creative results. With a wide range of workflow choices you can push your creativity to new heights without in-depth knowledge of Photoshop.

These Actions are designed for pro-quality demands with beginner ease of use. If you are a beginner, these actions and workflows are one of the best ways to learn Photoshop. For experienced users, these actions will dramatically speed up your workflow with amazing and consistent results.

"Pro Photoshop Actions" is a collection of 150 actions, both instant one click and interactive paint-on type of actions. It runs on Photoshop CS2 or higher versions on both PC and Mac. Included effects are as follows:

B&W and Duotones

B&W Old Film
B&W Classic
B&W S-Curve
B&W Cross
B&W Grunge
B&W Retro
B&W Extreme
B&W Red Filter
B&W Panchromatic
B&W Achromatic
Silver Gelatin
Burnt Sienna
True Blue
Only Red
Only Blue

Color and Tone Effects

Cross Process High Contrast
Cross Process Low Contrast
Cross Process E6
Cross Process C41
Cross Faded
Cross Red
Cross Faded Red
Cross Blue
Cross Faded Blue
Ultra Violet
Acid Green
Frozen Blue
Crushed Ice
Purple Haze
Deep Purple 1
Deep Purple 2
Sunny Cross Red (New)
Cinemascope Blockbuster
Polaroid SX-70
Lomo LC-A
Summer 60's
Summer 70's
Retro High Contrast
Retro Low Contrast
Rust (New)
Stone Wash (New)
Glazed (New)
Pin Up (New)
Alternative (New)
Cookies n' Cream
Baby Pink
Washed Out
Moon Light
Golden Hour
Morning Glory
Mint (New)
Candy (New)
Periwinkle (New)
Dark Night (New)
Black Coffee (New)
Infra Red
Velvia Landscape
Summer (New)
Winter (New)
Rain Forest (New)

Light and Lens Effects

Selective Focus
Tilt Shift Portrait
Hazy Flare
Rays of Light
Dynamic HDR
Exposure Compensation
Saturation Mask
Green Saturation Mask
Blue Saturation Mask
Rainbow Overlay
Overpower the Sun
Fill Flash
Fill Silver Reflector (New)
Lens Baby
Dreamy Glow
Vibrant Glow
Color Pop
Shadow Pop
Shadow Pop 2
Film Grain
Faded Edges
Grunge Portrait Desat
Grunge Portrait Cyan
Grunge Portrait Gold
Grunge n' Shine
Sleek Cyan

Retouching and Workflow

Fashion Portrait Retouch
Glamour Retouch
Beauty Retouch Pro 12 (for 10-15 megapixel 8-bit files)
Beauty Retouch Pro 22 (for 16-22 megapixel 8-bit files)
Beauty Retouch Pro 22/16 bit (for 16-22 megapixel 16-bit files)
Facial Hair Lightening
Wrinkle and Veins Removal
Skin Texture
Eyes & Teeth Brightner
White Skin Mask
Dodge & Burn
Split Edge Sharpening
Split Contrast
High Pass Sharpen
Tone Equalizer
Extreme USM
Luminosity Masks (New)
Contrast mask (New)
Neutral Density (New)

Art and Design Effects

Extreme HDR FX (New)
Sabatier Solarise (New)
Photo Illustration (New)
Pencil Sketch (New)
Color Sketch (New)
Stippled Sketch (New)
Line Drawing (New)
Oil on Canvas (New)
Watercolor (New)
Cartoon Strip (New)
Comic Print (New)
Screen Print (New)
Halftone Print (New)
News Print (New)
Old Western (New)
Old Movie (New)
RGB TV (New)
Ghost Blur (New)
Dots Black (New)
Dots White (New)
Text Portrait (New)
Scan Lines (New)
Night Vision (New)
3D Glasses (New)
PD Sharpen (New)