COMPANY: PowerRetouche | URL: (See links below) | TYPE: Plug-in | PLATFORM: Mac, Windows | PRICE: Varies
Power Retouche is a suite of Photoshop plugins for high quality photo retouching and image editing. Our Photoshop plugins solve your photo problems. Discover exciting new photo retouching methods.

Toned photos
Tone sepia, kallitype, cyanotype, etc. Tone your colorphoto or B/W photo sepia or like any other toned print. Nine preset tones: Sepia, Van Dyck, Kallitype, Silver Gelatin, Palladium, Platinum, Cyanotype, Light Cyanotype, Silver. Adjust the preset tones, or create your own. Has colored lens-filters for the B/W conversion. The plugin copies the pigmentation distribution of the traditional toned photo printing techniques.

Dynamic range compression
Full control over all aspects of dynamic range correction - like black point, offset, shadow depth with adjustable threshold, saturation, etc.

Black & white studio
Convert digital color to black and white photography. Use light sensitivity of professional films (like Tri-X) - or set your own sensitivity curves; color-filters (yellow, orange, etc.); multigrade range 00 to 5; exposure equivalent to f-stops; highlight and shadow control; zone adjustments ... and much more.

Lens distortion correction
Correct lens-distortions from zoom, tele, wide-angle, and even panorama lenses. Remove barreling and pincushion distortion. Very intuitive to use and extremely flexible. This is the only software for panorama photo distortions.

This plug in does exactly the same as traditional lens soft-filters. Control the strength of the softness and the spread of the softness. It does not blur the image. It can be used as a noise filter.

Sharpness editor
Sharpen photos and get sharper edges with our plugins novel unsharp masks. Our Sharpness Editor does not create edgelines or artifacts like unsharp mask does. Restrict sharpening to edges only, or blur selected colors, hues or shades in order to manipulate focus and make areas unfocussed. Optional anti-aliasing to avoid edge roughness. Novel soft threshold as well as classic hard.

Black definition
Control black in photos and graphics as if it were a colorchannel. Target changes to colors or grays (saturated or unsaturated) areas. The plastic 3D sense in a photo is greatly enhanced when the black definition is raised. Reducing black definition makes colors more vivid without raising their saturation. Also use to brighten sullied photos without actually altering brightness.

Golden section
Instantly draw any divine proportion on your image or a transparent layer as an aid for cropping and composition. Draws the golden sections, goldens spiral, golden triangles, spiral sections, rule of thirds and harmonic triangles. Handles any proportions. Define any size within the images limits as an aid for cropping.

Radial density correction
Control the radius and the fade-out of the exposure correction. The plugin has built-in smart error diffusion algorithms to avoid "ringing" - circle-formations as a side-effect of a gradated strictly circular exposure- or brightness correction.

Contrast editor
Control black-white contrast independent of color-contrast and without changing color, hue or saturation. Control the midtones by setting how much they should be preserved or lost. Our general contrast slider quickly improves black-white contrast, color-contrast and saturation in one go. Improve the light in the photo by shifting the mean towards light or dark.

Exposure correction
Correct under- or overexposure, either in the entire photo or in selected or restricted areas. Target-mode lets you correct exposure in any range of darks, midtones or lights - typically you'll want to re-expose shadows or lower highlights. This is an ideal pair with our Dynamic Range Compressor

Color correction
For color correction and removing colorcast. Select a color, hue and/or brightness-range and change it any way you like. Shift the color spectrum of the entire image or a selected hue or brightness-range by rotating the color wheel. Good for colorcast.

White-balance correction
Auto-mode calibrates the correct color-filter for any lightsource. Even mixed neon + halon, the worst challenge to photographers, is easily color corrected by the plugin. Manual mode has a slider for daylight-film and incandescent-film color-correction filters equal to Kodak Wratten 80A to 85B (in Europe B&W KB15 to KR15 - the plugin control uses these steps).

Saturation editor
Now you can edit saturation without splitting the image up into primary colors - red, green, blue. The plugin operates with a full 360° colorwheel. All colors, hues, tonal variations and shades are preserved. Also the plugin does not alter brightness. Two modes of operation: Photo mode for photographs and regular mode (uniform) for graphic design and web graphics.

Noise filter
Five different methods to filter noise in digital photographs and images. Soft Focus retains sharpness while removing noise. Also: Film-grain leveling, Median, Hue preserving Despeckle. The plugin even has an intelligent mask for preserving details and drawing.

Filter edge roughness and jagged edges in graphics and images. Also for anti-aliasing photos at large. Web graphics improve with anti-alias filtering, because web images are often down-scaled a lot and need much sharpening.

Edgeline drawing
Convert photos and images to line-drawings. Set the color of both line and background. Optional transparent background. The plugin can emulate toneline lithfilm to create linedrawings that differ from regular edge-detection such as Photoshops "Find edges". The plugin offers you four exposure directions.

With this plugin you can posterize color hues and values independently and freely select any number of levels for either. The filter lets you apply blending modes, known from Photoshops layers, to mix the posterized image with the original photo for more aesthetically pleasing posterizations.

Transparency editor
Transparent backgrounds and masks can easily be made for graphic design. Use the progressive transparency to improve scans by combining two scans of an image - one for correct midtones and lights, one for correct midtones and darks.

Brightness editor
The Brightness Editor plugin lets you edit brightness with full color-preservation. You can preserve or reduce color freely. It is well suited to be used in conjunction with the Exposure Editor and when working with selections, also for fading background images in graphic design and web design.