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Above: Original. Below: After treatment with various Permanent Press presets.
Back in 1940, if a company wanted to print a book of matches, a poster or playbill, or run a full-color advertisement in a major publication, they needed to use the services of a qualified printer and lithographer.

The job of the lithographer would be to take the original artwork, mechanical layouts and photographs and convert them so they could be reproduced in any number of offset printing processes. Once their work was completed, it was up to the printer to select the appropriate ink and stock to run the job.

While these skilled laborers were working with the state-of-the-art equipment in 1940, the state-of-the-art was far less sophisticated than we are used to in present day. Even in the most competent hands, printing and lithography equipment lacked precision and often times created less than desireable results.

As time went on and printing processes and equipment improved, we're now able to reproduce printed items that look exactly as we intend them to. While this we delight in as the miracle of technology, we have also lost the charm of printing's earlier years.

Gone are the days of plate offset, over-inking, mis-registration, and a host of other resulting conditions sure to cause printers hair to prematurely fall out. Many times these artifacts presented to designers happy accidents only realized after the job was run.

That is, until now...

After the explosive growth of the Machine Wash Image Filters, Mr. Retro spent some time looking for the next big thing in the design world and found the tactile aesthetic was getting more sophisticated.

Realizing that printing technology has left printed work sterile and without the texture, soul or the spirit of vintage offset printing, Mr. Retro felt it was important to re-introduce them to the modern designers toolbox and joined forces with the amazingly talented developer Maxim at Alpha Plug-ins to make this dream a reality in the form of the Permanent Press plug-in!

Ink Color Modes
Whether you're working with a photograph, illustration, type treatment or a design, you'll be amazed at what the Permanent Press Color Modes can do! Select from Palette Mode for a custom spot color palette or CMYK Mode (Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, Black) to create a halftone offset printed effect.

All Ink Colors are automatically calculated by the plug-in initially and are easy to edit and you have full control over how much or little detail you want the plug-in to capture from the original image.

Ink Effects
Just like a real offset printing press, we knew you'd want complete control over your ink! Ranging from its viscosity to the texture if your ink, Permanent Press puts you in control of these settings with amazing acuity!

Ink Viscosity
Ink Viscosity refers to how wet the ink is. Wetter ink will spread and drier ink will result in less coverage.

Ink Texture
You can apply an authentic surface texture to any Ink Plate that you're working with. It's easy to select an Ink Texture from the drop down menu in the GUI or simply select No Texture if you wish to work with solid colors only.

Ink Textures can be applied globally to all Ink Plates simultaneously or applied to each individual Ink Plate making it easy to combine Ink Texture effects or to alternate Ink Plates without Ink Textures.

Another great feature of Permanent Press is that you can create and apply your own tileable textures and since Mr. Retro continues to release new textures all the time, you can download them as they're added right from the GUI!

Lastly, it's easy to change the scale of the ink texture as well as the intensity of the ink texture effect depending on your preference.

Plate Effects
Just like a real offset printing press, you're also able to adjust the position of the printing plates including their offset, rotation, and trapping.

Plate Offset/Rotation
Permanent Press features unparalleled offset plate controls which allow you to offest any single plate horizonally or vertically in any direction! Whats more, you can also control the rotation of any plate up to 20 degrees in either direction for a vintage offset feel revealing the paper color beneath.

Ink Plate Trapping
Just like a real printing press, our Ink Plate Trapping control allows you to either Starve or Gain an individual Ink Plate and cause the ink to spread or choke depending on how much trapping you wish to allow per plate.

Not only can you control your plates with exacting precision, but you have the flexibility to apply any of the Plate Effects to a single plate or all of 'em!

Halftone Effects
While many of the Halftone controls give you a wide array of options, the Halftone Amount feature may be a bit of a pleasant surprise. Halftone Amount gives you the control over how much Halftone to allow versus a straight 50% threshold conversion. Now you can force gradients to solid colors or blend them with a custom halftone.

Halftone Scale
Whether you're working with a Spot or CMYK color palette, the Halftone controls can't be beat! Not only can you adjust the amount of halftone as described above but you can adjust the scale to individual or all Ink Plates.

Halftone Dot Shape
You can apply one of five classic halftone dot patterns to your image, each applying its own unique look and feel to your image. Whats more, you can even edjust the angle of each halftone Ink Plate to render true CMYK effects!

Press Effects
There are multiple effects that combine to create the realistic look of genuine offset press printing and we consider the Press Effects settings to be the hallmark of the Permanent Press aesthetic. Each Press Effect control on its own is amazing but combined, they're out of this world!

Edge Effects
Start with the Edge Roughness control to make your edges smooth and silky or rough and tumble! Wanna make 'em even thicker? No sweat, there's a control for that as well!

Edge Starve Width & Opacity
Never heard of Edge Starve you say? Imagine a freshly inked printing press plate coming down on a sheet of paper with a mighty force to press an image. Each time the plate is lifted off the sheet, the ink is drawn back to the plate and simultaneously pools in the center and the edges of the printed image. The area between these two that is left underinked and appears visually lighter is sometimes referred to as the Edge Starve area.

Permanent Press lets you control not only the width of the Edge Starve but also the opacity of this area! For the first time ever you can create this authentic look without spending hours!

Press Pressure Effects
The Pressure Effects control the direction the plate is coming down onto the surface of the paper as well as the force. The simply powerful GUI controls allow you to adjust the direction where the pressure is strongest. As you may expect, the ink edges will respond to changes in the direction of pressure and adjust accordingly, producing a very convincing effect.