COMPANY: VanDerLee | URL: | TYPE: Plug-in | PLATFORM: Windows | PRICE: $24.95
OldMovie is a plug-in for Windows graphics applications such as Adobe PhotoShop, Corel PhotoPaint, JASC Paint Shop Pro, ACD Canvas, Satori PhotoXL, Ulead PhotoImpact and other PhotoShop plug-in compatible applications.

With OldMovie you can recreate the old days of movie making and photography using the techniques of modern day digital imaging. OldMovie enables you to render a plethora of effects to an image, making it look like it's been made decades ago.

OldMovie offers a wealth of effects, all of which can be fully controlled and configured to do exactly what you need. All of these effects are neatly ordered in a clean and simple user interface. The interface consists of six separate sections, each controlling a certain effect or range of effects, these include the following:

Film. From here you can control the color, contrast and brightness of a film, as well as the grain. You can also cut of the sharp corners for that authentic photography look. If you choose to make the picture monochrome, you can even choose one of the predefined tints, use the set foreground or background color or use your own custom defined tint, if you're not using monochrome color, you can choose to have fake color, producing realistic hand-painted colors. The corners are anti-aliased to ensure the highest possible end-result quality.

Camera. This section allows you to set an image out of focus and darken or brighten the edges (all fully configurable, naturally). Both the defocusing and lens darkening/brightening will automatically scale to the image size and give highly accurate previews. You can also offset the image vertically from this section for film-like realism.

Scratch. Scratches are the vertical stripes you'll see on those old black-and-white movies. You can control the amount of scratches you want (as well as the width and depth) and even use transparency to lessen the effect.

Fat. Fat will make an image (or the lens of the camera, if you will) look like it's been touched by greasy hands, making all kinds of dark spots. This effect is very effective in making an image look used a few times too many. Although this all sounds like quite a dirty effect, it can be applied as subtle as you like by setting the amount, size, thickness and transparency.

Dust. The dust effect is not unlike the fat effect. The effect generated by dust looks exactly as the name says; dust. Dust can be applied in both black and/or white and has the same configureability as the fat effect. Once again, subtle use of this effect can produce stunningly realistic quality.

Hairs. One of the most noticeable effects seen on aged film reels are the hairs flashing by all the time. Simulating this effect can go a long way into making an animation, or even stills, look authentic so it just had to be included in OldMovie. The hairs effect allows you to set the minimum and maximum length of each hair (the actual length will be determined randomly in between these two) and even set the curling of hairs, which makes them even more realistic. Naturally, you can also set the amount of hairs to render and, as with the other effects, control the transparency.

With all the different effects and settings possible, you can spend a lot of time fine-tuning the effects to perfection. It would be a waste to throw all that work away so OldMovie allows up to 25 different settings to be stored for later use.

OldMovie is fully actionable, which means that Adobe PhotoShop can manage the plug-in using it's built-in scripting system (called actions). Naturally, a full help-file describing every aspect of the program is included.

Currently OldMovie is best suited for stills. Although it can be used for animations, OldMovie will require you to manually adjust settings for each frame.