COMPANY: Kelby Training | URL: | TYPE: DVD | PLATFORM: Mac/Windows | PRICE: $69.99
Join Adobe Photoshop instructor and digital photographer Matt Kloskowski as he introduces you to one of the most revolutionary and important features in Photoshop: Layers.

In the Adobe Photoshop CS3 Layer Essentials DVD you'll learn how to effectively and creatively use Layers to take your photos and digital art from "good" to "fantastic."
Matt covers:

Combining images into collages using a simple drag and drop method

Blending multiple exposures together to get the best of both worlds

Working with transparency and opacity

Selectively fixing certain parts of your photos while protecting the areas that already look good.

Masking techniques that are easier than you ever thought possible

Using Layers is possibly the most important skill when working with Photoshop. That's why Matt starts at square one with "what is a Layer," and works his way up to Layer tips and tricks that the professionals use to get outstanding results.