COMPANY: Corel | URL: | TYPE: Plug-in | PLATFORM: Mac/Windows | PRICE: $99.99
The Corel KPT Collection combines a selection of all the powerful Kai's Power Tools plug-in filters of KPT 5, KPT 6 and KPT effects to give professional designers an unprecedented set of creative tools.

Electrify your creativity, and create remarkable image transformations and original effects in a fraction of the time. KPT Collection brings together 24 must-have plug-in filters in a single, powerful software package, including:

*KPT Fluid: treat your entire image as a fluid to create and animate a variety of distortions, including controlling the thickness of the liquid and the size and speed of the brush stroke

*KPT FraxFlame II: create stunning fractals such as crystal clouds, with an improved rendering engine and increased navigational control

*KPT Gel: use realistic 3D paint tools to synthesize photo-realistic materials, and apply lighting, reflection, refraction and transparency

*KPT Goo: smear, smudge, twirl, pinch or "finger-paint" an image to produce stunning liquid distortion effects or short animations

*KPT Ink Dropper: add drops of liquid to a surface to create everything from water spots to smoky swirls

*KPT Lightning: customize and create realistic lightning effects by controlling every aspect of the bolt and path, including its color, the number of forks, and attractor and generator points

*KPT Materializer: create dynamic surface textures using bump maps and advanced controls, or "bend" an image over the contours of a surface texture

*KPT Scatter: import a particle or grid of particles and scatter them over your original image to create complex patterns and textures. Control how the particles fall: in a grid, in spirals or at random: customize their density, size and opacity, and change the hue, luminance and saturation of their color

*KPT ShapeShifter: create limitless shapes and objects with refracting glass edges, 3D light sources on beveled metallic surfaces, curved and lit Web buttons, UI gadgets and text

*KPT Blurrr
*KPT Channel Surfing
*KPT Equalizer
*KPT FiberOptix
*KPT Frax4D
*KPT FraxPlorer
*KPT Gradient Lab
*KPT Hyper Tiling
*KPT LensFlare
*KPT Noize
*KPT Projector
*KPT Pyramid Paint
*KPT RadWarp
*KPT Reaction
*KPT Turbulence