COMPANY: Luxology LLC | URL: (See Buy link below) | TYPE: Standalone, Plug-in | PLATFORM: Mac, Windows | PRICE: $99
Above and below: Source images. Bottom: imageSynth seamless composite.
Luxology's imageSynth 2 is an advanced technology that allows you to create seamless textures and high-resolution tiled images from low resolution sources. It’s the ultimate organic pattern making tool for creating infinitely tileable images — a “must have” for every artist’s digital tool box.

imageSynth 2 now works for you in two ways: you can start the program right inside Adobe Creative Suite Photoshop as a plug-in texture editor, or you can launch imageSynth as a standalone program for creating your own custom, perfectly tiled textures from any graphic image sources. Either way you want to work, imageSynth supports both Mac and PC platforms.

Feel Free to Experiment — Faster

imageSynth takes advantage of today’s modern processors; it’s threaded and optimized for two cores. So you can work up to 10 times faster than before. Improved memory management also speeds up undoing actions. Now there are more options for zooming in and placing texture chunks and you can use the new Eraser tool to selectively remove areas of texture.

imageSynth 2 Key Features

Runs as a plug-in to Adobe Photoshop CS3 or CS4
•Also runs as a standalone program
•Up to 10x faster than imageSynth 1
•Supports dual core machines
•Improved memory management to handle larger scenes
•Accepts one or multiple seed images
•imageSynth not limited to working with (just) naturally noisy images like rocks or concrete
•Output of imageSynth is a new tiling image of specified resolution
•Synthesize new images from a number of image sub-regions or "chunks"
•Chunks can be rectangular or lasso style areas of particular interest
•Each chunk can contribute to new image based on its own user-defined percentage
•Pre-filtering option to smooth image source
•Chunks or entire images can be automatically synthesized into new image