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_This list of Creative Image Effects is intended to help you find the best tools for the creative effect you have in mind (for corrective effects, see the Image Enhancement page at right). Software is listed in random order under each category. For these same products grouped by developer rather than function, please see the Developers directory at right.
B&W conversion B&W Effects (DISCOUNT) iCorrect EditLab Pro
1-Click Actions (DISCOUNT) iCorrect EditLab ProApp
RealGrain (DISCOUNT) Detail (DISCOUNT)
Filter Forge PluginGalaxy
Adjust (DISCOUNT) ContrastMaster
Kubota Actions BW Workflow Pro
B/W Styler Exposure
Color alteration effects B&W Effects (DISCOUNT) Clean (DISCOUNT)
1ClickActions (DISCOUNT) PowerRetouche
RealGrain (DISCOUNT) iCorrect EditLab Pro
Filter Forge B/W Styler
Permanent Press Snap Art
Velvia Vision Exposure
Coloriage BW Workflow Pro
Adjust (DISCOUNT) BlackMagic
PluginGalaxy Kubota Actions
ContrastMaster LightMachine
Core Image access
Eye Candy (DISCOUNT)
Filter Forge
Portraiture (DISCOUNT) PluginGalaxy
PhotoTools Pro (DISCOUNT) Filter Forge
1-Click Actions (DISCOUNT) Kubota Actions
Adjust (DISCOUNT) PowerRetouche
FocalPoint (DISCOUNT) B&W Effects (DISCOUNT)
Exposure (DISCOUNT)
Distortion Filter Forge Squizz
Drip Eye Candy (DISCOUNT)
Edges/borders/frames PhotoTools Pro (DISCOUNT) Filter Forge
1-Click Actions (DISCOUNT) Frame Suite
AutoMatting (DISCOUNT) PluginGalaxy
Kubota Actions Exposure (DISCOUNT)
Electricity Eye Candy (DISCOUNT)
Engraving Engraver
Etchings Simplify (DISCOUNT) Engraver
Extrude Eye Candy (DISCOUNT) Art Text
Film (scratches, edges) Kubota Actions Exposure (DISCOUNT)
Focus adjustment Lens Effects (DISCOUNT) FocalPoint (DISCOUNT)
PowerRetouche Eye Candy (DISCOUNT)
Glow Eye Candy (DISCOUNT)
Infrared 1-Click Actions (DISCOUNT)
Lens flare Filter Forge
Light LightShop Eye Candy (DISCOUNT)
LightMachine PluginGalaxy
Metal Filter Forge PluginGalaxy
Mirror PluginGalaxy
Montage Chameleon
Morphing Squizz
Motion PluginGalaxy Eye Candy (DISCOUNT)
Lens Effects (DISCOUNT)
Natural media/paint PostworkShop (DISCOUNT) GMX - PhotoPainter
Snap Art (DISCOUNT) PD Pro Digital Painter
TwistedBrush Pro Studio (DISCOUNT) Gertrudis Pro
Noise/grain Exposure (DISCOUNT) Eye Candy (DISCOUNT)
RealGrain (DISCOUNT) Kubota Actions
BW Workflow Pro PluginGalaxy
Panoramas Calico
Patterns/Seamless tiles Filter Forge imageSynth
Page curl Page Curl Pro PluginGalaxy
Plastic wrap Filter Forge
Polarization Lens Effects (DISCOUNT)
Posterization PowerRetouche Snap Art (DISCOUNT)
Screens Permanent Press
Selections/Masking Fluid Mask (DISCOUNT) ReMask (DISCOUNT)
Mask Pro (DISCOUNT) PowerRetouche
Shadows Eye Candy (DISCOUNT)
Shapes Eye Candy (DISCOUNT)
Sketch Sketch Adjust (DISCOUNT)
Solarize Filter Forge
Stars PluginGalaxy Star Effects (DISCOUNT)
Swirl PluginGalaxy Eye Candy (DISCOUNT)
Text effects Digitalizer Art Text
Eye Candy (DISCOUNT)
Tiles Filter Forge
Vignettes Adjust (DISCOUNT)
Woodcuts Simplify (DISCOUNT)
Clouds Nature Art
Fire Eye Candy (DISCOUNT)
Foliage Filter Forge
Fog Nature Art
Ice Eye Candy (DISCOUNT)
Lightning Eye Candy (DISCOUNT)
Rain Nature Art
Rainbow PluginGalaxy Nature Art
Sky Eye Candy (DISCOUNT)
Smoke Eye Candy (DISCOUNT)
Snow Eye Candy (DISCOUNT)
Space Cosmic Pack Nature Art
Water Eye Candy (DISCOUNT)
Backgrounds Filter Forge Flypaper Textures
Bevel/emboss Filter Forge
Eye Candy (DISCOUNT) Art Text
Bricks Filter Forge Eye Candy (DISCOUNT)
Chrome Eye Candy (DISCOUNT) Art Text
Filter Forge
Fur Eye Candy (DISCOUNT)
General Filter Forge
Flypaper Textures
Glass Eye Candy (DISCOUNT)
Art Text
Marble Eye Candy (DISCOUNT)
Metal Eye Candy (DISCOUNT)
Mosaic Xenofex
Paper Filter Forge
Puzzle pieces Filter Forge
Puzzle Pro (DISCOUNT)
Reptile skin Eye Candy (DISCOUNT) Filter Forge
Rust Eye Candy (DISCOUNT) Filter Forge
Stone Eye Candy (DISCOUNT) Filter Forge
Weave Eye Candy (DISCOUNT)
Wood Eye Candy (DISCOUNT) Filter Forge
Kubota actions Smooth Skins (DISCOUNT)
1-Click Actions (DISCOUNT) Pro Photoshop Actions
Unique Imagery Actions
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