COMPANY: Visual Infinity | URL: (out of business) | TYPE: Plug-in | PLATFORM: Mac, Windows | PRICE: $179
Imagenomic's RealGrain is a great replacement for the no longer available Grain Surgery.
Grain Surgery 2 is the Award-Winning Noise Manipulation Suite for Every Photoshop Professional

The only set of intelligent noise manipulation tools for film and digital images has just gotten a whole lot smarter. Aside from incorporating our second generation noise reduction engine for faster and sharper results, this release focuses on usability and workflow improvements. The redesigned paned interface allows quick access to all settings, and includes advanced preview controls for easy experimentation with different parameters, such as four snapshot views which store not just images but the settings of all controls. And of course, favorite settings can be saved to disk and reloaded in all plug-ins.

Add Grain now ships with additional scientifically measured presets for common film stocks, while the new Sample Grain plug-in allows for creation and management of custom grain libraries derived from user-supplied images. Or, if a source image is immediately available, the new Auto Match Grain plug in allows "one click" duplication of grain. In addition, we have added professional features such as CMYK and Lab colorspace support and batch processing via Photoshop Actions. An extensive (80+ page) printed manual and tutorials are included to get you up to speed quickly with these powerful tools.

Faster, better, cheaper: redesigned inside and out, version 2 enhances Grain Surgery's reputation as the premiere industrial strength grain and noise manipulation suite.

Key Features
* New in v2: The Grain Surgery suite includes four filters and one automation plug-in
* New in v2: Create and compare four preview snapshots in each filter
* New in v2: Save to disk and reload all your settings in each filter
* Each filter boasts a large preview area and extensive preview features
* New in v2: All filters work on Photoshop selections, individual channels, layers, adjustment layers and layer masks
* New in v2: All Grain Surgery operations are recordable in Photoshop actions
* All filters support images with 16 bit per channel color depth
* All tools support RGB and Grayscale images
* New in v2: Remove Grain also supports CMYK and Lab images
* New in v2: Add Grain ships with 21 accurate presets for stocks from Agfa, Fuji and Kodak
* Supports Photoshop 5.5 or higher and Photoshop Elements 1.0 and 2.0
* Windows or Mac (OS9 and OS X)

Remove Grain
* Sophisticated statistical process removes noise with minimal loss of sharpness
* Works equally well on film grain and digital camera noise
* Removes halftone patterns from scans
* Cleans up digital noise and compression artifacts
* Handles images of any size
* Also reduces file size for Web applications
* Choose easy automatic operation or manual mode for total control

Add Grain
* Accurate presets for popular stocks from Agfa, Fuji and Kodak
* Fully control grain size, intensity and color
* Choose color or monochromatic noise of any tint
* Manipulate the grain in each channel separately
* Seamlessly blend photos and digital images

Sample Grain
* Accurately extract the grain from any image
* Create your personal library of sampled grains
* Permanently save and manage your grain library

Match Grain
* Extract and save the noise structure from a source image
* Duplicate and apply an exact noise pattern
* Automatically compensate for existing noise in the target image
* Essential for compositing tasks
* Fully automatic or manual operation

Auto Match Grain
* Simply choose a source and destination image to automatically match the grain between them
* Choose as source or destination any layer of an open image
* Choose as source or destination any image from disk, whether open or not
* Batch process multiple images from a single grain source
* Perfect for catalog work, school yearbooks and similar applications