COMPANY: Gertrudis Graphics | URL: (See Buy links below) | TYPE: Standalone | PLATFORM: Mac, Windows | PRICE: $59
GMX - PhotoPainter transforms digital photos into artistic paintings. It includes a variety of styles such as watercolor, crayon, chalk or oil painting and user-defined styles such as Van Gogh, Seurat and Pointillism.

As with real painting, GMX paintings are composed of many overlapping brushstrokes. You have the freedom to choose and combine your own settings, but at the same time GMX will guide the process of painting by automatically choosing the colors and directions of the brushstrokes.

The Autosketch tool automatically determines the direction of the brushstrokes. The user does not need to move the mouse in a specific direction to guide the brushstrokes, and the orientation of the brushstrokes will be obtained automatically based on the characteristics of the image. In those areas where there are not significant variations of color (uniform backgrounds, completely black areas, etc.), the automatic determination of direction will always create horizontal lines, after which you can go over them again using the free hand or pattern tool.

Freehand painting allows the user to make a group of strokes manually by hand, whose directions maintain coherence regarding the direction indicated by the stroke.

The Pattern tool allows you to make strokes whose relative sizes and directions fulfill a predetermined pattern.

Color modes in GMX-PhotoPainter determine the color that each brush stroke will have. You can mix different color modes in the same painting project. There are three color modes:

•Automatic: The color is automatically sampled from the original image.
•Duotone: The user can choose two colors (Background and Foreground). The color of the brushstroke varies from the foreground to the background.
•Multicolors: The user can choose up to 10 different colors, and GMX will adapt the lightness of the color

GMX also provides the option of rendering the final output at any resolution without loss of quality or pixelation.

What’s new vs. Gertrudis Pro

Custom Brushes: GMX-PhotoPainter will let you to use your own bitmaps as new brushes, whereas with Gertrudis Pro you can’t.

New Style Manager: A new style manager with a custom preview image and a well organized set of options has been created. It supports two new kinds of styles: Bristle Brushes and Pen and Ink Brushes. The sole inclusion of these two new features justifies the change from Gertrudis Pro to GMX-PhotoPainter.

•Supports textures inside the brushes.

•The GUI has been redesigned to make GMX easier to use.

•The size of the Gertrudis Project Files (”.gmx”) is MUCH smaller than its counterpart “.gpj” of Gertrudis Pro. Sadly, there is no backward compatibility between gpj and gmx.

•It supports a new feature named Gradient Brushes, which makes the brushstrokes softer.

Internal changes:

GMX’s internal architecture was redesigned to make it easier to add new features, and to maintain backward compatibility with older versions. Therefore, users of GMX-PhotoPainter can expect new features to be added on a regular basis.

•Internal File Formats

GMX users can “hack” its files to see what’s inside them. There is a direct correspondence between a style name and its file name. Internally each style is a plain text file (XML formatted). The same could be said of the project files “.gmx” and pattern files.