COMPANY: Gertrudis Graphics | URL: (See links below) | TYPE: Standalone/plugin | PLATFORM: Windows | PRICE: Varies
Gertrudis Pro 3 is an application that transforms an image (generally a photograph) into original artwork. With Gertrudis' tools, the designer will be able to create different versions of the picture in oil painting, aquarela, crayon and other styles. A standalone Pro version, as well as plug-in versions for Photoshop and Dogwaffle, are available.

Gertrudis works with two images, the original and the resultant image, and provides a set of tools that enable the user to create a stylized version of the original image.

Key Features

•Realistic imitations of traditional media: Aquarela, Oil, Crayon and others.
•Advanced Style Management: Create variations of the existing styles or create new styles from scratch.
•Ease of use: The designer can choose the direction of the strokes automatically using our exclusive flow analysis algorithm.
•High resolution output: Since the size, position and direction of each stroke is recorded, Gertrudis Pro can render the final image at any resolution (see closeup, below right, rendered to 5x7 at 300ppi).
•Bitmap Brushes: This new feature opens the door to many new artistic styles.
•New Style Management: The user has the freedom to choose a variety of different styles and to define his own styles. The interface of the style manager was redesigned to make it more intuitive and comfortable.
•High resolution output: The high resolution version of the picture is not a simple rescaled version of the original. As the resolution increases, more new details are generated and revealed.
•You can specify slight color variations in the brushstrokes, obtaining a more natural result.
•The Variant and Fixed color modes now work in a different way that have proven to be more useful.
•The interface was reorganized to make it easier and more intuitive.
•Additional useful characteristics have been added: Loading and saving of the Workplace, adding snapshots to the undo history and applying strokes to the whole image in only one step using the current style and settings.

What's new in version 3.2

•Wacom Support
If you have a Wacom or similar tablet, with Gertrudis Pro 3.0 you can take advantage of the "Pressure Sensitiveness" feature, therefore as you apply more pressure, wider strokes will be obtained. You can combine it with the parameter "Width" in the stroke settings to define the base width of your stroke. By varying the pressure of your pencil on the tablet you will obtain different stroke widths.

•Custom Background
If you wish, you can paint over a different background other than white. It can be a solid color, texture, photo or any other kind of digital image (jpg, tiff, bmp, etc). When you load an image to start a new drawing, you can define a custom background. You can also change it in the middle of a work session.

•3D Brushes
This effect lets you add relief to your results. The 3D Parameters are located in Style Manager>Advanced Settings. There are three basic parameters which control the 3D effect: Bumpiness, Softness and Light Intensity.

Full screen paint
By pressing F10 (or its equivalent action in the main manu) you can go into a full screen paint mode
. This mode will show only a reduced set of controls, with one slight change. The size control will change the following parameters: Stroke width, Length and Size and Density.

•Better Color accuracy: Some users reported color accuracy problems in large soft areas, like skin tones, or gradients. This problem is corrected in the 3.0 Version.

•Enhanced Stroke Rendering Algorithm: The new algorithm will draw the strokes faster than before, also the small strokes are drawn with more detail.