This gallery shows examples of the variety of effects possible with the Topaz Vivacity plug-in.

Gallery notes: Only Topaz Vivacity was used to create the final effects; no additional creative/enhancement plug-ins or native Photoshop effects were added.

All photos and effects by Mike Bedford.

Source image (digital camera): Cat, Rancho Cucamonga, CA
Main>Sharpness: 1.144; Advanced>Line Accent: 0.666, Iterations: 4
Source image (digital camera): Catalina Island, CA
Main>Sharpness: 1.114; Advanced>Line Accent: 0.219, Iterations: 2
Source image (digital camera): Mountains, Rancho Cucamonga, CA
Main>Sharpness: 1.113; Advanced>Line Accent: 0.616, Iterations: 4
Source image (digital camera): Redlands, CA
Main>Sharpness: 1.20; Advanced>Line Accent: 0.61, Iterations: 4
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