This gallery shows examples of the variety of effects possible with the Filter Forge plug-in.

Gallery notes: Only Filter Forge was used to create the final effects; no additional creative/enhancement plug-ins or native Photoshop effects were added.

All photos and effects by Mike Bedford.

Source image (digital camera, cropped): Las Vegas
Poster Maker filter by Scary Kitty
Detail Cut-Out filter by RikMax Speed
Fiber Optic Neon filter by Dynamicsage
Chalk On Blackboard filter by Northernshadow
Burninator filter by Richard Bartlett
Offset 50% Tile filter by Voldemort
Broken Mirror filter by Three Dee
Burnt Edges filter by photoman
Aura filter by mariob
Bumpy Glass filter by Vladimir Golovin
Seriously Corroded filter by Kyle
Crumpled filter by Carl
Old Photograph filter by Qender
Grunge filter by Kochubey
Foxxee's Ink And Paper filter by Foxxee
Carved Leather filter by Rawn-RawArt
Bilevel Screening filter by Juan Pablo Kutianski
Batik Art filter by Northernshadow
Lego Mosaic filter by Redcap
Coloured Emboss filter by Sandamail Fernando
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