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Plugs 'N Pixels celebrates the magic of pixels and the incredible software designed for creating and manipulating them. To those with vision, images are just raw material, not an end in themselves. While some are satisfied with leaving images as they are, untouched, straight from the camera, the pixel-based artist needs to radically adjust them, transforming them into something new and more beautiful, or perhaps even frightening. More advanced digital artists bypass the camera and the real world altogether and use specialized applications to create their own photo-realistic textures and worlds from nothing more than underlying fractals and related mathematics. The time is right, and the software is very mature.

The Plugs 'N Pixels website strives to gather together in one convenient place a useful and informative visual directory of the world's most popular image creation, manipulation and management software (as well as related graphics, desktop publishing and web design applications that make the life of the digital artist a little easier).

Plugs N' Pixels webmaster
Mike Bedford spent most of the 1970s-'90s working with traditional journalistic photographic imaging (mainly 35mm, Tri-X Pan, D-76, Dektol, Fixer!) before being introduced to computers and digital imaging around 1992. While his transition to the new technology was slow at first, in time there was no looking back. With the Mac platform being his computer flavor of choice, Mike spends many hours taking digital photos and exploring the amazing effects made possible by Photoshop and third-party imaging software. When not engaged in pixel-based creativity he works in higher-ed IT managing several Intel Mac-based computer labs.

Mike shoots the vast majority of the sample photographs used throughout this site and personally creates each product screenshot. He also generates the accompanying original examples that illustrate the capabilities of each featured product, rather than relying on press handouts. The descriptive copy for each product is generally taken from each developer's own website, while the ezine articles are original.

Plugs 'N Pixels does not sell ad space to any software developer or require payment for product promotional listings on the website or in the ezine. (Individuals may advertise their businesses or services in our separate
Services Directory for a small fee). ANY software developer, large or small, need only submit licensed NFR/review copies (no demos) of their software for FREE listing on the website.

No email registration or paid subscription is ever required to enjoy full access to the site; visitors can voluntarily opt-in for the convenience of email delivery of each new ezine upon its release and to keep up with plug-in related news and discount offers.

In order to keep access to the entire site and ezines free for all visitors, Plugs 'N Pixels has set up affiliate arrangements with a small percentage of the total number of participating software developers listed in the
Developers Directory. These supportive affiliate products are denoted by the presence of a "Buy" button on each product's feature page and bold listings in the various product tables. Out of these various arrangements, only a few developers' products actually generate any revenue to support the web hosting, domain registration and related expenses involved in the maintenance and operation of the website and the time dedicated to the production of the free publications.

Please enjoy your visit to Plugs 'N Pixels! Hopefully you'll come away with a better understanding of the world of plug-ins and creativity/productivity software.


Plugs 'N Pixels serves mainly as a convenient gateway for you to explore links to the latest in image creation, manipulation and management software without having manually to search all over the internet. No registration is necessary to use the site or to download the free PDFs. Visitors who prefer to have our PDF publications emailed directly to them upon release and to keep up with software news relevant to this site need only provide an email address. Those who wish to enter our occasional contests need only provide a name and email address for prize fulfillment.
Any email address gathered for the purpose of ezine and newsletter releases, relevant Plugs 'N Pixels notifications and contest entries are not shared, sold or otherwise abused!

Visitor tracking. Plugs 'N Pixels does not directly engage in any visitor tracking beyond the generic daily and monthly stats gathered via our web host's control panel. Each external developer's website to which our visitors are referred will have its own Privacy Policy.
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