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1ClickActions offers a wide range of Photoshop and Lightroom products for photographers including actions, Visual actions, borders, textures, scripts, presets and one-on-one online Photoshop training. The range of products covers simple time-saving actions to the enhanced Batch Processor and Visual series. Everyone from Photoshop novices to working professional photographers will benefit from these offerings.

1ClickActions has been around since since 2005 and offers great support and unique products that give fantastic results at very competitive prices. New products are regularly released so keep an eye on this page!

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What is The Works V?

The Works V is a combination bundle of all the products released by 1clickactions, Visual Actions, Photoshop Edges and 1clickPresets. Available on DVD or via download for Photoshop CS4-6 and CC (save over $600 compared to purchasing the separate sets!).

The Works V includes all Visual Series actions and the new Volume 12 set of actions. You also get all new releases and updates for 6 months.

It comprises the following:

•Hundreds of Photoshop actions
•Photoshop “visual actions”: Preview the results without running the action.
•Photoshop scripts and ‘pro size-aware’ actions
•Quick Layouts
•Hundreds of Borders and edges
•Texture overlays
•Border and Texture Applicator (BAT): Apply borders and textures without manual positioning
•Lightroom presets
•Action Station (Photoshop action manager)
•Batch Image Processor
•Script Box

The Actions

Volume 1 (Essentials)
Volume 2 (BW toning actions)
Volume 3 (Portrait Retouching)
Volume 4 (Dodge & Burn actions + Sharpening actions)
Volume 5 (Effects and Graduated filter actions)
Volume 6 (Resizing and Quick Edges)
Volume 7 (Vintage effects)
Volume 8 (Miscellaneous effects)
Volume 9 (Portraits and weddings)
Volume X (Textures)
Volume 11 (Script based effects)
Volume 12 (Script based effects)
Kidz (Child photography effects)
Contrast Effects
QuickDraw (Painting and sketch effects)
Volume 2a (Toning and brushed borders)

Pro Series actions
1click Pro (Advanced actions with size awareness)
Volume 9 Pro (Wedding actions with size awareness)
Pro Portrait Kit (Retouching actions with size awareness)

Visual Series
Visual Color
Visual Black & White
Visual Volume 9 Pro (Size aware wedding actions with previews)
Visual Borders and Textures (Visual BAT)
Visual Actions (Beta version): Preview your own actions

Borders & Textures
Border & Texture Applicator (BAT)
Border Maker

Batch Image Processor (BIP)
Script Box (Script based effects)
Script Box ‘paint’ sample gallery
Quick Layouts version 2
Tone Curves
Action Station (Photoshop action manager)
Lightroom Presets